多样性 & 包容

Recognizing and embracing diversity is an essential part of academic life and learning. 多样性是我们的优势. 受到我们 Catholic Benedictine tradition, which promotes the transcendent dignity of the human person, we commit ourselves to fostering an inclusive and global learning environment in which all members of our community can thrive and succeed. We 欢迎 the similarities and differences that comprise our students, faculty, and 工作人员; we 开放 ourselves to the profound change that different cultures, 传统, and beliefs can have on our practice of community; and we 教育 students to transform our world for peace and 正义.


Undergraduate enrollment (approx.) 1395
研究生入学人数(约.) 250
Nationalities represented on campus 19
Faiths represented on campus 21+
First-year profile (entering 2021)  
Percentage of students who are Catholic 45%
Percentage of students who identify as ethnically diverse 52%
Percentage of students who are first in their family to attend college 34%
Percentage of students who have financial need 84%
Percentage of students with need who receive financial support or aid 100%


We are committed to cultivating an engaged diverse, global and inclusive community


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International Programs and Development

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多样性 cultivates community

Recognizing and embracing our diversity is essential for creating an inclusive campus community in which all members of our community can flourish and succeed. Saint Martin’s seeks to create a sense of belonging and empowerment among all students, 工作人员, 和老师. Inclusion truly exists when historically excluded persons see themselves as valued members of the community, who can shape and redefine the campus culture in significant and meaningful ways.

Photo of AHANA Orientation leaders


As an academic learning community, Saint Martin’s embodies diversity and 包容 in and out of the classroom. We support curricular and co-curricular experiences that enable students to share across cultures and learn about diverse perspectives. Diverse educational experiences expand what students understand about themselves, 其他人, 这个世界, equipping them with the necessary skills to engage the complexities of our multicultural and global society.


多样性 promotes peace and 正义

While we recognize and value the differences in and among ourselves, we are all part of the human family.  Our interdependence and common humanity inspires us to live out our core theme of community.  Our charisma of community carries with it a responsibility to 教育 students for 正义 and peace, particularly for those who live on the margins of society—the oppressed, 脆弱的, 和被剥夺权利的.  Educating our students to strive for peace and 正义 leads them on a path to promote the common good.  



The 多元化与公平中心 (DEC) of 澳门永利皇宫手机版下载 is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive and equitable learning environment for all members of the campus community. 受到天主教的启发, 本笃会的传统, which honors the dignity of each person and strives for peace and 正义 in our world, the DEC seeks to build a campus community that engenders inclusive excellence, facilitates intercultural understanding, and promotes social 正义 learning.

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